Strong People

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Video footage recorded by Larry Rubin in Southwest Georgia, 1962-1963, Larry Rubin Papers, Duke University

I can personally testify that fierceness was in Southwest Georgia. – Faith Holsaert

Hundreds of strong, local people made up the backbone of the Southwest Georgia Movement. SNCC’s organizing efforts would have gone nowhere without the brave and dedicated men and women who joined in the struggle. The Movement gained momentum in Southwest Georgia during the 1960s, but that was only the beginning. It was a struggle that continued, encompassing everything from school desegregation to voting rights, political power and economic development. Here Janie Culbreth, Annette Jones, Faith Holsaert, Shirley Sherrod, and Larry Rubin pay homage to some of these strong men and women.

Dora White

Corrine Watkins

Ms. Corrine

A Blessed Lady

Josie Miller

Dorothy Young

Loyola Williams

Alice Porter

Beatrice Miller

Rev. Samuel Wells

Rev. Samuel Wells

Monroe Gaines Family

C.B. King


Part 4: The Movement Never Ended